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Cornhole for kids

I purchased an awesome kids cornhole game. What is even better is that it doubles as a tic-tac- toe, bean bag toss game. Two games in one is a bargain. That is a deal I love and look for. My kids love this game. They don’t get the concept of tic-tac-toe yet but are thrilled if their bean bags land in the squares. They love the cornhole side that is football themed as well. It comes with one board instead of two but for kids that are younger, it is awesome. It teaches turn taking and sharpens coordination. It comes with a storage bag for the bean bags too. It is great for rainy days inside as well as warm days outside. It seems pretty durable so far and has two legs underneath for the cornhole game to be played at a slight angle. It seems to be well made, although I wouldn’t leave it outside. It will fit in your trunk for camping trips or a trip to the beach. We love this game so far and I was excited to share it. If you want to check it out for yourself, please click the link below. Thanks for stopping by.

Watch “Fruits and Vegetables :Healthy Living” on YouTube

This is a compilation of fruits and vegetables. Healthy living is key, so eat the rainbow. These photos are from the farm and the farmers market. I really enjoy eating garden fresh fruits and vegetables. Nothing really compares in taste. Please enjoy my video and thanks for stopping by.

Watch “Food: Sweet and Savory” on YouTube

This video contains a sampling of my food pictures on my instagram. I am getting better with my photos as time goes on. Natural light is the best tool, I have found. That is probably something I should have learned early on but I am no professional, just an amateur. Please check out my video and thanks for stopping by.

Product review: Funerica Childs Cash Register

My kids have been asking me for a cash register for at least a year or more. They played with one at their cousins and they were in love. I finally decided to get one. It has a working microphone, although I think it could be a bit louder. It has play fruits, veggies, and drinks. The veggies and fruits are two parts held together by velcro that you can cut with a plastic knife. It has a cutting board too. It has plastic coins you can insert in the top and watch them as they roll down. It comes with paper money and some credit cards that you can swipe. It can be turned on and off two ways so the battery can be saved. It does not come with batteries (3 AA ) so keep that in mind. It has a scanner, which has sound effects. The cash drawer opens with the press of a button. Overall, this is an awesome toy and my kids played with it until bedtime. I would definitely recommend this item for kids age 3 and up. Parental discretion however, as it has small parts. This is their first day using it, however, so I will post an update if anything changes.

My obsession with the coffee bean

I used to be a Folgers kind of girl. Then it was Tim Hortons and Dunkin Doughnuts. I could be satisfied by just about any coffee that was light to medium roast. One day I branched out to dark roast and house blend coffees from places like Starbucks. I thought this was it for me. I was in heaven and all was right with my world as long as there was a Starbucks nearby. I didnt imagine I would become somewhat of a coffee snob but then it happened.  A crisp, late spring morning my husband brought me a pour over from a new local coffee shop that roasts its own beans and my world was turned upside down. How could coffee taste this good? I had previously thought pour overs were weak. This was anything but weak. It was pure bliss in a cup. It was everything you want out of your coffee. It was smooth, yet bold. It was dark and full bodied.  It had a hint of blueberry. I never knew I  needed blueberry in my coffee. I tried to go back to my old standby but it wasnt the same. I did fall in love with Cuban coffee during this time. It was my go to coffee at home, although I’m sure I’m not making it the right way. I kept seeking out this particular coffee, my new friend, the pour over. I needed this coffee style in my life. Only the most delicious beans would do. The shop was located a bit of a distance from my place, so I had withdrawal over the winter months. Something amazing happened while I was daydreaming about that robust pour over….another local roaster popped up. It was even closer to my place but still a bit of a drive. It was the best day of my life. Another potent pour over option for my coffee addiction . My husband and I travel to this new spot a few times per week now. How do I get along on the days without that pour over? Well, I bought a Bialetti Venus stovetop coffee/esspresso maker. It really did the trick. I love it so much that I blogged about it. Check out my review on this site about my beloved coffee maker, you won’t be sorry. I will post a link to the amazing item below. I don’t know if you can relate to this obsession but coffee makes me whole. It is a cup of hot goodness that sets my mood and really makes my day run smoothly. Without it, I feel off. Well, yes it is a drug afterall but it is so much more. Just the smell of coffee makes me do a happy dance on the inside. I am very particular about what type of coffee I buy now. I grind my beans now instead  of using  the preground coffee. This makes a world of difference. The Bialetti gives me that rich and bold coffee everytime. I honestly don’t know how I survived without it.

Well, thank you for reading my useless rant on my love of the coffee bean. I know my fellow coffee lovers can relate. Please leave a comment if you have any coffee suggestions or tips to share. I would love to hear them. Thank you for stopping by.

Use this link to check out the Bialetti Venus ☕☕☕


My favorite coffee maker

I was always a traditional coffee pot kinda of person. A few years back, I moved to the Coffee pod style maker. It wasn’t too bad since there was an option to put in an attachment for my own coffee grounds if I wanted. The pods got to be a bit expensive and it seemed that no matter how hard I tried, the machine was never cleaned enough. So, I reluctantly went back to my old coffee maker. It did the job for awhile until I started ordering pour over style coffee and fresh roasted beans of all types at my local coffee shops. I definitely noticed the difference and I tried Cuban style coffee and other types that were far better than my coffee maker could ever make. I ruined myself for anything but rich,delicious, full bodied goodness. After doing a ton of research, I came across the Bialetti company. Stove top coffee seemed like the best option if I wanted to try and recreate anything close to what I could get at the local coffee roasters. I decided on the Bialetti six cup Venus. Reviews stated that the original pot they offered would leach into the coffee and I didn’t want that. I opted for the stainless steel induction model, Venus. I have never looked back. The coffee is so amazing in this maker. You will want to get whole bean coffee and grind it fresh each time you make your coffee to get the best flavor. That, in my opinion, is the best. I still get coffee at my local coffee roasters, however, not nearly as often. It is a smaller amount of coffee than you are used to making in a traditional pot but the flavor is so much better. I have the six cup and it is enough for about one regular cup. If you are used to a big mug than it may take you a few cups to appreciate the smaller volume. If you are sharing ,than you may end up making two pots. They did have a ten cup but the reviews stated that it wasn’t as rich of a flavor as the more concentrated 6, 4,or 2 cup. If you enjoy freshly ground beans and rich, full bodied coffee,than this is worth looking into. If you know someone who is a coffee lover, this would be an awesome gift. Use my link below to see for yourself. Thank you for stopping by.

Venus Induction Capable Espresso Coffee Maker, Stainless Steel, 4 cup

Colloidal Silver

I was introduced to colloidal silver about seven or eight years ago. I am no doctor or expert on alternative medicine, however, I am a huge fan of colloidal silver. It has definitely worked for my family abd I. I love the Sovereign Silver brand. I have been buying this specific brand for about five or six years now. I get the dropper version of this as well as the spray. I have tried a different brand in a gel form but it is hard to find and didn’t work as well as the spray or dropper in my opinion. I have read articles and seen videos on people turning blue (hasn’t happened to me thankfully ) and people or health professionals saying the claims of healing are false. I can’t speak for those people or those studies but I can share my experience with you. If you use the proper dose, then you won’t likely turn blue. If you use a reputable brand, then you probably won’t turn blue either. If you have any health conditions or take any medication, then consult a doctor or alternative health care professional that you trust to guide you. While I was sick one year, with what seemed to be never ending sinus infections, I went to a health food store as a last resort for relief. A friend told me to try some colloidal silver because antibiotics were not working. I thought she was nuts to be honest but I was desperate for relief and couldn’t call in to work forever. She had made two other recommendations from the same store before and it seemed like they help with other issues so I thought I would take my chances. I consulted with an employee in the store before getting the colloidal silver and he seemed to really be informed, so I took the plunge. Colloidal silver is antibactetial and antimicrobial. I can tell you I have never looked back. I cleared up my sinus infection and I have continued to use it for many other things with success. I have use the spray and dropper for sore throat, ear pain, diaper rash, cuts, eye infection, and just about anything you can think of. I used the nasal spray version for stuffy nose, sinus infection (as soon as there are signs and before it is too full of nasal discharge) and it worked wonders. It shortens the duration of these ailments and prevents thrm from taking a foothold. I used colloidal silver when I had strep throat(also used medicine from doctor because I didnt want to mess around with strep). I used it when I had a urinary track infection during pregnancy and my doctor was amazed at the results. I used it for pink eye and never needed medication. It really is amazing. It really has saved myself and my family tons of doctors trips and money. Definitely don’t skip the doctor if you are having issues or have conditions that could be life threatening but the silver can make a great partner for some conditions. In some cases it will allow you to skip medications and be rid of ailments permanently. Do your research before you buy this item. When you decide colloidal silver is right for you, get Sovereign Silver. Click on my link to get some from Amazon. I always buy mine on Amazon because it has the best prices and tons of reviews and real people to share how they use products. If you have Amazon prime, even better. Thank you for reading and check back for more reviews in the future.

Sovereign Silver Bioactive Silver Hydrosol 10 PPM Fine Mist Spray, 2 Ounce

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This is a sample of photos on my instagram page. I love posting photos of everything and anything that I find interesting. Please click on my pics to check it out if you are so inclined.

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Honeyskin product review

i have been suffering from a rosacea like condition on my face since about 2011. I have not been diagnosed with this specific condition but I definitely exhibit the characteristics. I had tried Neutrogena grapefruit scrub on a whim during 2011. My face dried out horribly and looked almost burned and started to get kind of flaky and had bumps that were not pimples. I think hormones may have played a role but I am not totally sure if it was one thing or a combination of things. I changed my diet around to reduce inflammation as well. After many years and many products, I only found one that seemed to calm my face slightly but it stopped working. After many searches on the Internet, I came across Honeyskin Organics face cream and face wash. The reviews on Amazon and the internet seemed promising. They mentioned rosacea and eczema specifically, so that was reassuring. Well, it has been about a month or so and I love it. It took about a week of using the face wash and the cream to see a difference. My face is smooth with smaller pores and a more youthful appearance. The cream is thick so start with a smaller amount and rub it onto your face. After you apply the cream you don’t feel it on once it absorbs. People noted a bad smell but I don’t think it smells bad, however it doesn’t have a perfume smell either. The face wash is great too. It looks like shampoo at first glance. It feels soft on the skin and doesn’t dry my skin out but cleans really well. This is a lifesaver for me because the redness I had is very embarrassing and people definitely stare at you like your contagious. I lost 6 years or more before I found any products to tame this inflamed skin. I tried colloidal silver as well in case it was bacterial or viral for that matter(will post about that product too). You should try this product because this product is a lifesaver for rosacea or eczema type of conditions. Many reviews said they helped their children that suffered with eczema too. Check out my link to buy this product on Amazon, you won’t regret it.