Product review: Funerica Childs Cash Register

My kids have been asking me for a cash register for at least a year or more. They played with one at their cousins and they were in love. I finally decided to get one. It has a working microphone, although I think it could be a bit louder. It has play fruits, veggies, and drinks. The veggies and fruits are two parts held together by velcro that you can cut with a plastic knife. It has a cutting board too. It has plastic coins you can insert in the top and watch them as they roll down. It comes with paper money and some credit cards that you can swipe. It can be turned on and off two ways so the battery can be saved. It does not come with batteries (3 AA ) so keep that in mind. It has a scanner, which has sound effects. The cash drawer opens with the press of a button. Overall, this is an awesome toy and my kids played with it until bedtime. I would definitely recommend this item for kids age 3 and up. Parental discretion however, as it has small parts. This is their first day using it, however, so I will post an update if anything changes.

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