My obsession with the coffee bean

I used to be a Folgers kind of girl. Then it was Tim Hortons and Dunkin Doughnuts. I could be satisfied by just about any coffee that was light to medium roast. One day I branched out to dark roast and house blend coffees from places like Starbucks. I thought this was it for me. I was in heaven and all was right with my world as long as there was a Starbucks nearby. I didnt imagine I would become somewhat of a coffee snob but then it happened.  A crisp, late spring morning my husband brought me a pour over from a new local coffee shop that roasts its own beans and my world was turned upside down. How could coffee taste this good? I had previously thought pour overs were weak. This was anything but weak. It was pure bliss in a cup. It was everything you want out of your coffee. It was smooth, yet bold. It was dark and full bodied.  It had a hint of blueberry. I never knew I  needed blueberry in my coffee. I tried to go back to my old standby but it wasnt the same. I did fall in love with Cuban coffee during this time. It was my go to coffee at home, although I’m sure I’m not making it the right way. I kept seeking out this particular coffee, my new friend, the pour over. I needed this coffee style in my life. Only the most delicious beans would do. The shop was located a bit of a distance from my place, so I had withdrawal over the winter months. Something amazing happened while I was daydreaming about that robust pour over….another local roaster popped up. It was even closer to my place but still a bit of a drive. It was the best day of my life. Another potent pour over option for my coffee addiction . My husband and I travel to this new spot a few times per week now. How do I get along on the days without that pour over? Well, I bought a Bialetti Venus stovetop coffee/esspresso maker. It really did the trick. I love it so much that I blogged about it. Check out my review on this site about my beloved coffee maker, you won’t be sorry. I will post a link to the amazing item below. I don’t know if you can relate to this obsession but coffee makes me whole. It is a cup of hot goodness that sets my mood and really makes my day run smoothly. Without it, I feel off. Well, yes it is a drug afterall but it is so much more. Just the smell of coffee makes me do a happy dance on the inside. I am very particular about what type of coffee I buy now. I grind my beans now instead  of using  the preground coffee. This makes a world of difference. The Bialetti gives me that rich and bold coffee everytime. I honestly don’t know how I survived without it.

Well, thank you for reading my useless rant on my love of the coffee bean. I know my fellow coffee lovers can relate. Please leave a comment if you have any coffee suggestions or tips to share. I would love to hear them. Thank you for stopping by.

Use this link to check out the Bialetti Venus ☕☕☕