Diaper Genie Refills

I have been using my diaper Genie for nearly five years now. I have tried plain garbage bags of different varieties but the smell is too much to handle. I always go back to my Diaper Genie. I have used Target up and up refill bags, an organic option from target, some generic option at my local grocery store and of course Diaper Genie brand. I thought I could save money by using generic or off brands of bags but it proved to be a waste of money and really stunk, literally. The other issue is the amount of refill bags you get are about half that of the Diaper Genie brand. The smell is not contained in the other brands either. So I think that you save your nose and wallet by shelling out the extra cash for Diaper Genie brand refills. They go a long way and keep the smell contained. I would say the Diaper Genie brand refill bags last me two to three times longer than the other brands. Check them out for yourself on Amazon at the link below.

Playtex Diaper Genie Refills for Diaper Genie Diaper Pails – 270 Count (Pack of 3)

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