Hello world!

Welcome to Giraffes have spots too! I picked this name for two simple reasons….1. My son loved giraffes and they remind me of him, and 2. A Giraffes spots are as unique as you or I. My photos are unique as well. You can photograph the same object or scene more than once but ultimately no two photos are alike. That may sound corny, but hey…it’s true. I wanted a unique name for my site.I have been dabbling in photography and sketching for years but I never thought anyone would care to see my work. Also I’m not and expert in art or photography either so I get intimidated too. I now think my pics are worthy of the limelight so to speak. I’m no expert but I enjoy great pics and I’m getting better everyday at capturing great pics. I am always learning. I have an instagram account and an instacanvas account. I recently became obsessed with both. It’s given me an outlet that was much needed. Check out my instacanvas gallery http://instacanv.as/jezzka30.

I also have a blog about child loss and prematurity awareness……please check it out……http://saifsnicujourney.com

Thanks and stop back often for new content.


About giraffeshavespotstoo

I love taking pictures of everything. This used to be a blog about my love of photography. I have decided to make this blog about everyday topics. Every now and then I have a strong opinion on a topic and feel I need an outlet to discuss these ideas ,besides social media. Feel free to comment on any post I make and please ...no foul language or mean spirited comments. I look forward to sharing with you, thanks in advance.

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